Mgp VX9 Extreme 4.8'' Deck Scooter - Electric Blue


The MGP VX9 Stunt Scooter Deck is the lightest deck that MGP have ever produced!



MGP have redesigned the Extreme Deck for 2019, with the biggest, most obvious feature being the brand new cut outs.


Saving weight without reducing the strength of the deck, the cut outs are a great new addition to the design of the MGP Extreme Deck.


All VX9 Extreme Decks are internally fluted for even further weight reduction, without compromising on strength.


In addition to this, each deck is individually heat treated using the T4 and T6 treatment methods.


This ensures a structurally strong and durable product is created.

Coming in at 4.8" wide by 20" long, it is the perfect deck for all types of riding!


The brand new semi-boxed end drop outs mean that you can still be running a super light set up without the added weight of pegs, yet still do all of the tricks that would usually require rear pegs.


Combine this with the MFX Deck Blocks and you have the perfect recipe for a super lightweight, reliable and durable deck for your scooter.



Featuring upgrades based on nine generations worth of technology, including the new MGP Light-AF headtube & extruded deck (which is now 20% lighter!), the MGP VX9 Extreme Deck is fit for any and every scooter rider!




  • Width: 4.8"
  • Length: 20"
  • Fluted: Yes
  • Concave: 3°
  • Deck Blocks: Yes
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Weight: 1.39 kg

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