Blunt Reaper Bar V2 600mm - Black


V2 600 Reaper Bars are made from 6061 Aluminium, and one of the lightest bars on the market.



Perfect for experienced riders wanting a light-weight setup, V2 Reaper Bars weigh in at 900g, around 30% lighter than standard Chrome Moly bars.



V2 600 Reaper Bars are 600mm High by 580mm wide, have a standard size inner of 31.8 and an oversize external diameter (34.9mm) so you will need to use an oversize clamp.



Please Note: Aluminium bars are designed for smooth and proficient riders with some experience.



All Aluminium Bars are covered by a 30 day manufacture warranty covering manufacture defects.



It does not cover bends or cracking in the aluminium tubing caused by riding.





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