Blazer Pro Renegade Bar Scooter - 580mm - Silver

£49.95 Regular Price
£39.95Sale Price

Renegade Die-cast Standard Size Bar

This is the time and age of renegades.

The Renegade is a 3-piece bar with a 4130 Chromoly die-cast centre and an intricate design that doesn’t compromise on strength. A solid standard sized bar which gives any rider confidence to push the limits.

Construction: Full T4/T6 Heat treated 4130 Die-cast Chromoly
Height: 640mm
Width: 580mm
Internal Diameter: 28.6mm - Standard
External Diameter: 32mm
Tig welded
No Slit cut at the bottom of the Bar*

*Supplied with NO Slit for SCS Compression (Slit needs to be cut for ICS/IHC)

Size: 640 x 580 MM


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